Material Collection

Teams will meet at Red Metals Recycling and have a limited time to search the yard for the scrap metal  of their choice.    All teams will sign liability waivers & receive pick and safety rules on site.    Teams are responsible for all transport of raw materials, finished art and delivery.  There is a 500 lb. limit for each team.  Finished art becomes the property of the Dearborn Area Chamber

Construction Rules

Only materials collected from Red Metals may be used in the construction of the sculpture. Sculptures must be constructed in a sturdy and safe manner with no sharp or pointy edges that may be a hazard to the public. The following exceptions apply: Nuts, bolts and other fasteners, other adhesives, welding and paint may be used to assemble your sculpture. Maximum dimensions permitted: 6 foot wide x 6 foot deep x 10 feet tall. Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to reject any sculpture deemed to be in poor taste or unsafe.


Finished sculptures must not exceed 6’ wide by 6’ deep and 500lbs in weight. The finished piece must be structurally sound and able to be displayed in outdoor venues. Any piece that is deemed unstable and/or unsafe may be disqualified. 


Artist teams are responsible for finding space and supplies to build their sculpture during the Build Weeks and for transporting their raw materials from Red Metals Recycling to their build space as well as transporting the finished sculpture to the drop off site. All pieces must be delivered to the designated drop of location on September 28,2018. 


Each team will be required to provide a statement describing their sculpture and/or the building process in 200 words or less. The statement will be included with the finished piece and will be displayed during the festival. Statements must be turned in with the completed sculpture on September 28, 2018 or the team could be disqualified. Descriptions must include the team name and names of all team members. The more information we have about you and your sculpture, the better we can publicize it! Statements are accepted digitally at or in person at drop off. Digitally is preferred.

Incomplete Sculptures

If a sculpture is not completed by the deadline, all materials and pieces of sculpture must be returned to Red Metals Recycling by October 2nd. The Dearborn Area Chamber reserves the right to disqualify artist teams from future competition, as well as to pursue legal action, if materials are not returned.